Thursday, December 3, 2009

Luck,Thanks and Questions

First of all, thank you to Tina at Living without Ellie and Sophie for putting together the 25 days of Christmas Giveaway. I have, by accident, won two of the prizes! Which is funny because I NEVER win anything, just not a lucky person. I won't be entering any more contests as to give all of the other people a chance to win...but I will be checking everything out.
My giveaway day is Saturday, which is funny because that is my actual EDD. When Tina sent our dates out and I saw that, I just laughed! I think Elliot is trying to help his mommy, I'm starting to think my luck is changing...Tina asked if I wanted to switch days, but I think it was a sign from my little boy, he still lets me know he's around and I don't want to change my date, I think it's a cool way of honoring him, and very unexpected!
So, my cousin and I are going to start crocheting hats, booties and blankies and I'm hoping to donate them to local hospitals for preemies and those stillborn. Has anyone done anything like this and do you know of an policies that any hospitals have? I know they are probably all different, but I was just curious. I want to donate to our local hospital and to Children's Hospital in Columbus, where Elliot was cared for.
Also, does anyone have any suggestions for dad's? My hubby is having such a hard time even talking about Elliot. I know we all grieve differently and at our own pace, I just wish I could do more. When ever I talk about my blog or another baby loss mama he kind of shuts down, so I don't talk to him about it anymore, but it hurts because there is so much I want to share with him. So any advice would help.
Update: Elliot's headstone was FINALLY fixed on Tuesday. Also, I have not forgotten about the presents, just am such a slacker and I admit it...I will do more shortly!
So thanks to everyone who reads my blogs, you have helped keep me sane!!


  1. That is so special that you won twice, lucky girl!! :) I think that is pretty neat how your giveaway will be hosted on your EDD. That is too sweet.

    As far as donating, I contacted the Texas Children's Hospital, where my Jenna was at to offer my services of Hope Collages to parents there. I know it is a process (according to this hospital) to get anything new in available to the NICU parents, but well worth it. I have had a pretty pleasant experience with the people in charge of it. So far I have not heard their decision but they have been gone out of their way to let me know they are very interested, but that this may take some time. I hope this helps!


  2. Congrats on winning twice! That's awesome!! It will be a great way to honor your little boy on Saturday by doing a giveaway for a babylost mommy.

    I think it's great you want to make stuff to donate. I'm not sure on policies as I don't knit or crochet stuff but I hope someone has the answers for you!

    How close are you to Columbus. I'm about a hour away from it.

  3. Its your month!! Elliot is defiantly sending you lots of love! I know they wont accept wool, but I think that is it. Check with the hospital to check with their policies though.

  4. Congrats on winning! I've won 3 giveaways since I started blogging and I never win anything in real life, either. Hopefully it means our luck is changing. I donated the hats I made to the hospital where I delivered Ella. They accepted them very easily, but I know some hospitals have different rules. It's hard to do something for my husbands. I've done little things, like for Father's Day I decorated a butterfly with Ella's name on it and wrote about her on the back. Hhe has it in his home office. I sleep with the blanket she was wrapped in at birth, sometimes he's asked to sleep with it.