Monday, December 21, 2009


So - I got the best news today! The Doc said we could TTC again!! He gave me the antibiotics and go ahead.
I asked if he thought I had an incompetent cervix, he said he wasn't sure but didn't think so. We went over "the plan" and he told me I would be watched like hawk.... I wanted to ask, "WTF wasn't I watched like a hawk the first time? WTF are we all not watched like hawks the whole way?" I know it's impossible to think that could happen, but think of all of us that would still have our precious children....It irks me.
But regardless, we got the go-ahead. I was informed that I WOULD be put on bed rest no matter what this time...So I get to have that conversation with my boss tomorrow. I just want everyone prepared, I AM going to be a pain in the a$$ this time and I don't care. I was so worried about being a hypo. the last time, I didn't listen to my body. I'm pretty sure my boss is going to be totally cool about the whole thing, he's pretty cool about everything, it just makes me nervous....
I am keeping the good news from my mom though and it kills me. BUT I don't want to hear the "your not ready's" or the "it hasn't been long enough's" I don't care what anyone else thinks. Russ and I had a LONG conversation and we are both ready!
DH was ready right away, before Elliot had even passed he was talking about TTC again, that freaked me out!! But now, he had better watch it!!!! LOL

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours!!


  1. That is AWESOME news! I am so happy for you! Sending Happy thoughts you way!

  2. That's great news! Good luck and have fun! lol

  3. excellent news, dont let anyone tell you that you arent ready only you know when you are ready! good luck!

  4. Yay! That is fabulous news! So happy for you!!

  5. Awesome news Brandy! Good luck - keeping everything crossed for you. Praying that TTC is smooth and quick.

  6. So happy for your, Brandy! And hopeful for you, too. (((Hugs)))

  7. Yippee!!! Awesome news !

    Just out of my curiosity- when will you be put on bedrest?

    I got put on this time around at 21 weeks for some increased swelling and slightly higher BPs. Bed rest just fascinates me how some dr.'s are for it- others aren't and some even leave it up to you - it's like please, just give the rules for a healthy baby and I'll follow them to the letter!!!

    Happy happy news for your holidays :)

  8. I am very happy for you Brandy. Happy holidays.

  9. A small sense of relief and a little bit of your self healed, at least that's how I felt when I knew we could TTC again. Sending lots of prayers your way.