Thursday, December 17, 2009

Show and Tell on Steriods!!

So I did this bass-ackwards... I wanted to share all of this stuff with you in a certain order, but this thing had other ideas, so in no particular order:

A replica of Elliot's blankie that his Godmother Lori made for him. When I think about the frozen ground and my psycho mind starts worrying about Elliot being cold, I remember this loving gift and know he is snuggled in his blankie and his mommy has one just like it! The little hat I made, see below, is on there so you can see how little it is....

Top is my "Expect a Miracle" bracelet from; for when we TTC again, and to remind me to look for the bright side and expect a miracle, not disappointment!

Bottom pic is my Past, Present and Future ring my hubby got me for Christmas. We aren't actually celebrating other than exchanging presents last weekend....

Picture from Mike Nelson of Mike Nelson's Frames Flames and More. I had taken a couple sets of Elliot's prints to him, he took the best of each hand and foot, cleaned them up and made me cd and gave me a couple of copies of "perfect" prints. Then a few days later him and his wife, Tina, surprised me with this! I LOVE IT!! I love it so much I had him make the exact same thing for DH and I's parents.

My necklace from Thanks to Mike, this turned out perfect. Susan's work is soooo GREAT!!

Elliot's headstone is finally correct and decorated for Christmas!

Creepy cat hanging out at the cemetery... Can you spot him?

Hat I crocheted to donate to the local NICU...That's a quarter beside of it so you can see how small it is. Hoping to make LOTS more!

Beautiful Ornament from my GF Sarah from Things Remembered. The outside says " We never lose the ones we love- they live on in our hearts." The inside says "Our Angel Russell Elliot Miller." And of course I haven't found the perfect picture to put in it yet!

Ornament from my GF Audra. Isn't it beautiful!! It came from It's hand painted! It says "Baby's First Christmas in Heaven" and is personalized on the back.

Personalized Ornament from Pat and Dorothy Goebel, the funeral home that took care of Elliot's showing, they were wonderful people and how AWESOME of them to remember our baby in such a special way!

Ornament I found at Hobby Lobby, I saw it and it SCREAMED at me to buy it!!

So all in all, after all of the complaining I did about finding the perfect ornament, I have several thanks to my wonderful family and friends. I still have a few that I haven't picked up yet from other loved ones, but as soon as I get them I will post pics.

Doing this show and tell makes me realize how lucky I am to have so many wonderful, special people in not only MRL but also here, in our little horrid club!! :-)

Lots of love to you tonight, hoping your heart can find a moment of peace, and if only for a split second, a smile...


  1. This post is wonderful; I love the baby's first christmas in heaven ornament.
    I wanted to let you know that tomorrow I am changing the URL of my blog. I will be changing it to
    I'm changing it because certain paople read my blog that I don't think should be reading it, because of the content. Just thought you might still want to follow!

  2. I just love all of your keepsakes. They are so SPECIAL! I think it is wonderful that you are making hats for the local NICU.

  3. what wonderful keepsakes! I love the necklace so much. You did awesome on the hat - I have been failing in teaching myself how to crochet :)... I will try harder though!

  4. I love the frame with Elliot's hand and foot prints, I might have to try and do something like that! I ordered a necklace with Kasey's hand prints on it, can't wait till it comes!!!


  5. They are all so precious and wonderful to have them. The hats you are knitting for the NICU are so special. It's mindblowing how tiny preemies can be, isn't it? When my son was born at term with his heart defect, he was rushed to the NICU. When I went in to see him, I was horrified/amazed to see how huge my six lb thirteen ounce son looked compared to some of the other tiny babies and preemies. Good job mama, someone is so going to appreciate that hat...Hugs

  6. Thank you for sharing all of your special keepsakes with us. Everything is so beautiful and thoughtful. The little hat is just beautiful; do you have any knitting patterns for premie size hats? I used to crochet years ago but I get confused with crochet patterns. Thinking of you and your Elliott. The jewelry with his footprints and handprints is just so beautiful. xo

  7. You have an amazing and beautiful keepsake collection. Thank you for sharing them with us! Thinking of you!

  8. Thank you for sharing all these lovely items!!