Friday, December 11, 2009

Tribute to Elliot

My cousin Joey got this tattoo last night as a present to himself. He just graduated college and is now an RN...
It is also a tribute of sorts to Elliot. We called Elliot our "Little Superman" because he was such a strong little fighter, hence the Superman Emblem! Joey even brought a Superman Figurine to Elliot's showing and I buried it with him.
Joe and his entire family have been there for Russell and I throughout and still call and check on us when others calls have become far and few between. They are so dear to us and I hope they know how much we appreciate and love them!
I hope Joe knows how much this means to me...I know that Elliot will not be forgotten, and this just strengthens this thought. The fact that he thought that much of my Baby Boy and family, I can't even put words to how much that means to me!
Thank you Joe, Staci, Caitlin, Victor, Michael and TT! I love you!


  1. what a wonderful tribute

  2. That is awesome! I love that he did his own little tribute to your sweet Elliot! *HUGS*

  3. How sweet of him. That is so touching.

  4. That is beautiful. What a kind and loving gesture - for you and your partner and Elliot.

  5. that is great. My husband just got one of Becketts name and I keep forgetting to post a pic of it!
    PS my husands favorite team is the Buckeyes! Beckett even had a onesie and matching booties...