Friday, December 4, 2009

25 Days of Giveaways

Okay, so officially my day isn't until tomorrow, but I'm putting it up now, not so sure how I'm going to be tomorrow...still waiting to crash and burn...December 5th is my EDD....Here is my and Elliot's Give Away!
I was agonizing over what to give when I saw this and it spoke, no SCREAMED at me. It rings so true for me and I'm sure for all other BLM's.
"Hope...we rejoice in our sufferings which produces endurance, character and hope." Romans 5:2-3

Oh, how sad but true...I chose to focus on the hope!

So to enter this contest, please tell me your hopes for the future. Whether it be paying off your car, to getting a new job, to having your "Rainbow"or whatever it is you hope for in the future.

My hopes are to lose more weight before TTC again, which I am working on, and of course for a healthy "Rainbow."

I am so excited to get to see everyones hopes!!



  1. Hi Brandy. I will be thinking about you tomorrow and wishing you many hugs and much needed strength!!! Hoping that it's not too hard of a crash and burn. My hope is for a 2010 rainbow baby. I am also hoping find the 'perfect' physical therapist to hire in order to ease my caseload at work...and hoping that my husband finds a way to move forward in his grief and healing.

  2. I'll be praying that tomorrow goes smoothly and peacefully. My hope for the future is pretty much the same as yours, to loose weight and for a healthy rainbow baby. I couldnt think of any way better to start a new year. *HUGS*

  3. (((hugs to you today)))
    My hopes for the future are that the pain lessens, and that we can try again soon. We've lost 2 babies within 13 months of each other, and it has been really hard on us both. I hope that our wedding goes well too!

  4. My hopes for the immediate future are to get to a better weight before TTC, move out of our Condo and into a house, pay off our credit card bill, get the Transabdominal Cerclage (TAC), and for the long term, bring a healthy live baby into this world with no bedrest required. Good Luck today, thinking of you and wishing you peace.

  5. *hugs* I am so sorry for your loss. I understand the emotion of the estimated due date as mine was Tuesday.

    My hopes for the immediate future are for a rainbow. We are currently trying for our third pregnancy.

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing that beautiful gift with us.

    My hopes for th immediate future include trying to concieve our rainbow baby sometime after this spring. I am also hoping to start a support group for grieving parents in my area.


  7. Hoping today is as peaceful as possible for you. EDDs are hard.

    My immediate hope is Sprout. Sprout is our rainbow who is at 20 weeks + 1 day now. I am in that scary zone where Pre-E struck last time, but I have hope and faith that Sprout will make it home with us. It's just going to be a long December


  8. Brandy, I am thinking about you today and sending you lots of HUGS!

    My hope for the future is to find a peaceful place in this grief of losing my babies.


  9. I am so glad that you are focusing on hope. :) Many many hugs to you!!!!!
    I have so much hope for so many things! Obviously my biggest hope is that somehow I get to bring this rainbow baby home with me. I'm hoping so much, so so much.
    The ornament is beautiful!!!! Thank you so much!

  10. Wow Brandy what a great question! Hope is so important!
    My hopes are to find a new full time job and to finally be able to think about a Rainbow Baby!

  11. Hi Brandy,

    I don't want to enter - I have already won an ornament - but just want you to know you I am thinking of you today.

    My hopes are for healing and a rainbow....


  12. Hi Brandy - not entering again...I just wanted to say that I am thinking about you, DH and Elliot today.... Hugs....

  13. Hi Brandy... Wishing you lots of strength to get through this day ((hugs))

    My wish for the future is to somehow find peace with the loss of my daughter... To come to terms with all the 'what if's' that we were faced with during her short life, and to find peace in the decisions that we did and didn't make. To control the rage that I feel sometimes over the unfairness of it all, and only let the happiness of having those very special fifteen days with her shine through. I want her legacy to be filled with happy memories of the gift she gave us; not a broken mother who is bitter and unwilling to feel joy and thankfulness. I want to be able to see my living children as the blessings that they are, all the time. I wish for this little life that I am carrying to be healthy and able to thrive. And finally, I wish that all my children, present and future, will carry on the memories of their sister and never forget her.

  14. I'm so sorry for your loss ((hugs)) Thinking of you on your EDD and wishing you the best of luck for TTC. (I was too scared to ttc again).

  15. Thinking of you today, on the 5th. Our goal, I think, right now, only 7 weeks after my daughter died, is just to make it through each day. And continue to move through this messy process called grief. I also have a goal to be more engaged in my little boys as I go through grief. Not to be angry with them without reason, or to isolate myself from them--but to love them with everything I can.

  16. I'm thinking of you today on Elliot's EDD. I really love that ornament and the verse on it. Love it, love it!

    My hope is in God and that He can bring us a child that will bless our lives.

  17. thinking of you on your edd. today marks 8 weeks since we lost cadynce, so i am not sure what my hopes for the future are, expect to one day have a healthy rainbow baby

  18. What a beautiful gift. Whom ever wins will be very lucky.

    My hopes for the future. I hope that we can get pregnant again naturally. And have our Rainbow baby, healthy and full term. But aside from that my hope is for me to get my mind right.

    I'll be thinking of you today. Sending my prayers.

  19. Oh gosh...another hard question! My hopes for the upcoming year is for peace and simplicity. I do not want to be faced with anymore tragedies and new sadness. I just want things to be peaceful and simple. Can't wait to see who wins!! xx

    P.S. Thinking of you and your little Elliot today.

  20. Hi Brandy,

    Thinking of you on Elliot's EDD... these days are so very hard.

    I really love the ornament. You're right, sad, but true... and so fitting for our journey.

    My hope for the future is to hold Little Miss Sunshine, alive and well, screaming her little heart out in 4-5 weeks. I also hope to really feel Nicholas with us when she arrives...


  21. Beautiful! My hope is to be content with my life no matter what happens. Of course, to have a safe and healthy rainbow baby, but to have God as the center of my life.

  22. My hope for 2010 is that my beautiful rainbow baby is born healthy and happy. We lost our son Nov 6, 2008. He was still born at 21w3d. I am currently 23w1d with his little sister. Wishing health and happiness to all in the coming year.

  23. Prayers for peace on Elliot's edd are on their way.
    Plans for 2010 include just remaining at peace with whatever comes.

  24. Brandy sending you lots of love and hugs today!
    I am hoping for a healthy rainbow, and any positive that will come my way. The negative can not bother me!!