Monday, December 7, 2009

From the very beginning...

So DH and I met in 2002, I was the ripe old age of 19 and he was about ready to turn 29. We met at the local ice cream parlor, where I worked at the time. We dated for a while, moved in together and finally in 2005 he proposed. We were married October 7, 2006. We had never really "tried" to have a baby, but we weren't preventing it, we thought if it was meant to happen it would. Then in January of 2009 we decided that we would start trying that summer, I didn't want to be pregnant over the summer months. In order for us to start trying I was going to start tracking my ovulation so that when we were ready to start we would know early March I bought the packet and started the testing...I was getting aggravated because there were never two lines. So after a couple weeks of this, I thought AF was running behind schedule, I was so focused on my ovulation I had totally forgotten. So on a whim one Sunday I decided to test. Well it was positive, much to my shock after many negative tests I just couldn't believe it...Two trips to the drug store and three more tests later, we were indeed pregnant. I called the doc Monday morning, went in and it was confirmed.
The next Monday while at work, I had a little spotting and of course FREAKED OUT. So my OB sent me to the hospital for an Ultra Sound. There was my little peanut, and that's all we was, nothing more than the yolk sack that would soon turn into a baby, I was pregnant, and it was VERY early. The next couple of weeks the morning sickness came on, it was BAD. I couldn't even eat grapes and cheese without getting sick. By the time it was all said and done, I was taking Zofran, Regalin and Phenergan to keep food down. DH and I knew it was a bad idea, but started buying stuff anyway. We of course bought stuff that could be for a boy or girl. I ended up in the hospital 2 times for dehydration....
As time went on, I got more exhausted. I would come home from work and sleep from 6pm until it was time to get up for work the next day. DH took care of cooking, laundry, you name it, he did it. And on nights I had enough energy to stay up, I was reading baby books, playing music to my belly and DH would read to my belly.
Then the week of August 3rd, I started to have a heavy discharge and I remembered my OB said it would change as my hormones did, plus I had an appointment Thursday and would ask about it then...
Thursday, oh that Thursday, I will never forget the happiness my DH had when the doc said we were having a boy. That look....brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it, about how naive we were.
We called EVERYONE to tell them we were having a boy when we walked out of that office, we were so happy! We didn't really care about the sex, we were just happy we where going to have a healthy baby. Oh and Names, the names started and we decided Russell Elliot.
Sunday - My MIL is in a nursing home, so we went to visit. She wanted some fast food, so we left to get it and went to KMart to get her some new PJ's. While there I had to go potty and my discharge had blood in it. I FREAKED OUT immediately. (Without an exam, my OB said that it was normal to have in change in discharge at the visit on Thursday) So I call my OB and he tells us to get to LD in Zanesville. We didn't even go back to the nursing home, we left. Called mom and she met us there. They hooked me up to the monitor, we heard Elliot's heartbeat and laughed at how much he was kicking me. Everything seemed to be okay, my cervix had shortened and they wanted to do a neonatal protein test, but couldn't right then because they had checked me, I was put on bed rest and scheduled back Wednesday for the test.
We went home and I had a restless night, tossing and turning. On Monday my boss brought a computer to my house so could do some work from home, no biggie. After he left I layed on the couch and was cramping. I assumed it was from being checked. I called the doc and he reaffirmed my thoughts. DH came home from work and I was still cramping. We were trying to decide whether or not to go to LD, I didn't want to be one of those paranoid pregnant ladies, I was barely over 23 weeks, what did I know.
My tummy started to hurt, so I tried using the bathroom. When I sat down, there was this loud pop and a gushing of fluids. It felt as though a water balloon popped inside of me. So I call my OB. He wanted to know what color it was and if it smelled. Well, I had used the bathroom so it wasn't what he thought it should have been and told me everything was okay to drink plenty of fluids and lay on my side. So I hop into the bathtub to clean up and I discover something that didn't belong. I would later find out it was Elliot's Foot. So I call my OB AGAIN and tell him what I have discovered and that we are coming in.
I change clothes and we hop in the truck for the 35 minute drive. My water kept breaking, which I didn't know that would happen, and by the time we go to the hospital I was soaked again! I styed pretty calm during the ride even through the contractions, inside I was preparing for the worst and completely freaking out, but did not show it...
They wheel me to LD and start to check me, the nurse feels the foot and hurried out of the room and then starts cussing that the doctor needs to get there yesterday! My water had in fact broke, the baby's foot was hanging out of me and I was having contractions!

I will post the rest later, it has taken a lot out of me to write this all down and there is still a lot left to tell....


  1. Oh, my little guy did the same thing (the foot). I am so sorry to read this. Thanks for sharing this and making me feel that I didn't do anything wrong.

  2. Oh, Brandy. That must have been so frightening for you. It's very generous of you to share your experience because I bet you help other mothers out there. I'm sorry I didn't enter your giveaway day the other day - I meant to - but we had a hectic weekend and I never did get online. But thinking of you and your beautiful Elliot. (((Hugs)))

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I know it's hard to write.

  4. Thank you for sharing this! ((hugs))

  5. It is so hard to relive these moments. I have yet to share the horror of the day we found out and our delivery process. Its so emotional for me still. Im proud of you for sharing! *HUGS*

  6. I know this must have been so hard to write. I thank you for sharing yours and Elliot's story with us.


  7. Thanks for sharing, Brandy. It's a difficult thing to do.

  8. OMG I am in tears and covered in chills. Sounds so similar to what we went through. That you so much for sharing. I know it's hard. Big Big hugs