Saturday, October 31, 2009


I am supposed to be finishing getting ready for our Halloween parties, but I need to blog first.
So yesterday I went to see a specialist about what happened with my pregnancy and what to do the next time around and that deserves its own blog later when I have time.
I got my tattoo finished with Elliot's Handprint and Footprints around his name and I LOVE it, I will always have a piece of him with me!!
my DH got a tattoo also this morning, it's a beautiful cross that says "In Memory of Elliot." I will post pics later too.
Then we went and bought the one should ever have to do this for their child. We bought a beautiful Teddy Bear stone, I might post pics of it too. But having to decided what will sit over your child for eternity is hard. But as soon as DH and I saw the bear we both knew it was what we wanted...
Whooooo, what a weekend already and it's only half over!!!!

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