Monday, November 2, 2009

Dr. Visit, Tattoo's and a Headstone...

So, at my doctors visit on Friday, I was told that they didn't think the group B strep was the main cause of my pre-term labor. That kind of devastated me, I thought if we could narrow it down to one thing, then that's all I would have to worry about next time around. Apparently they think I have more bacteria than just Group B and when I was pregnant, AF couldn't flush them out and they built up, compounded with the Group B, so they really don't know exactly what the hell happened. BUT there is a plan of action for the next time. I will be given a cleansing round of anti-biotics before I get pregnant and when I become pregnant, at 15 weeks I will be getting weekly progesterone injections and weekly cervix checks, I will also be given a couple of rounds of anit-biotics throughout my pregnancy...I am so SCARED!! But I don't want to stop trying again because of fear! I am meant to be a mommy!
So Friday night I got my tattoo finished, I will post pictures later, I had Elliot's Hand prints and Foot prints tattooed on my back around his name, it looks pretty cool. While we were there DH found a cross he wanted, so on Saturday we went back to have his cross done, it has a ribbon wrapped around it that says "In Memory of Elliot." It's beautiful.
From the tattoo parlor, we went straight to Quality Monuments to picked out Elliot's Headstone. We had been putting it off, just for the simple fact, it was hard. We looked at a lot of stones outside, but nothing spoke to me. So we ventured inside and I saw it. A Teddy Bear. It is about 3 foot tall and perfect. Once they have it set I will take pictures of it. I know to some this might sound morbid, but it's my baby boy's!!!
We had a pretty good weekend, other than bawling the whole time at Quality Monument's, but we cried together, so it was okay.
So this week's task is to call the Dr. and find out when I need to go off the BC before be start TTC again. They want us to wait until the end of January, but want me off the pill for a while first, so the planning begins! Wish us luck!!!

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