Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Rambling & Question

It seems that's all I ever do...
I had a good day today...had a GREAT meeting with a big client for work...long trip but worth it. I have been buying stuff for my Angel Tree Angel..but she didn't ask for a lot and I don't have clothing sizes and she's 12...that age where you have NO IDEA what they think is cool, but I am hoping mom and I can find enough stuff for her to have a good Christmas this year.
Thank you everyone for your ornament suggestions...after I posted that blog, my WONDERFUL cousin Lori called and surprised me! She bought Elliot, Russ and I the Hallmark Angel ornament where there is a baby with wings laying beside a candle. And she doesn't read my blog, so it was ironic...
I am having a lot of mixed emotions with the holiday's coming up and my EDD was December 5, although I was hoping for a Thanksgiving baby...It seems like time has passed so fast and at times so slow...does that make sense? I am hoping I can stay comfortably numb until the new year! (Thank you Pink Floyd) Like I said, I'm rambling tonight.
I have a question for everyone...Can anyone recommend a natural sleep aid other than warm milk? I'm lucky if I get 2-3 hours of sleep a night and I know I cannot continue doing this. I take my xanax sometimes when it has been a couple of days, but I do not want to become dependant on any medication of any sort to sleep, so any suggestions would be helpful...and milk upsets my tummy...
Talking of sleep, I might as well lay down and try to get some, have a presentation for work tomorrow!


  1. There is a natural sleep aid you can get from health food shops called Valerian. I found that would work really well if you get yourself in the zone by having a warm bath with a few drops of lavender to chill you out and your own version of meditation and then the valerian. I hope you get a good nights sleep soon xx

  2. I take 2 Benadryl every night. Its non habit forming and it always lulls me to sleep without knocking me out and I dont wake up with that hangover effect some sleep aides can give you. My doctor reccomended I take it. Glad you got an ordament! It was almost like Elliot put it on your cousins heart to get it for you bc he knew you needed it. *HUGS*

  3. I do not take any meds. but when I am having trouble sleeping it is usually because I am playing the what if game and I need to shut my mind off. So I put my i pod on and play my grief list I have complied which has hymns,angel songs and things that make me happy and then if I wake up in the night I can just turn the music back on and listen. It has been one of the only things that I have been able to use to stop the what ifs and the mental workout my brain would have every night. I also gave up caffeine during the day very sad thing but has helped also.Ramblings I know but that is what has helped me.