Thursday, November 5, 2009

Letter from the Dr.

So the specialist I went to last Friday, cc'ed me the letter he is sending to my OBGYN.
In the letter he pretty much attributes my pre-term birth to bacteria I had prior to conceiving that were living in my uterus and a severe case of GBS, which he believes my body doesn't make an anti-body to.
So his recommendation to my Doc are as follows:
Being completely recovered mentally and physically from prior birth and 3-4 regular menstrual cycles after stopping oral contraception before trying to conceive again
A round of anti-biotics before I even try to conceive again and anti-biotics at 24 and 36 weeks
Regular urine tests and treatment if GBS if apparent
Weekly progesterone shots beginning at 15 weeks
Weekly ultra sounds of my cervix and a possible cerclage, or stitch in my cervix

So although there is a plan in place, I am a nervous wreck and I am sure I will be until I deliver a full-term, healthy baby.

I also wanted to share that I had a WONDERFUL conversation with a special person that is an Angel Mommy. She doesn't share her story often, but felt comfortable enough to open up to me, which touches me to no end. Being a part of this "club" is awful, but seeing it is possible to have more, healthy babies and a "normal" life is possible. I know only time will heal my wounds and I am in the process of discovering a new normal, our conversation has given more hope than I have felt this whole journey. People can share their stories all day long, and I read SOOOO many blogs about parents and their Rainbow Babies, but having someone so close to me open up about her story has really helped my spirit!!!!


  1. I was reading your blog and I wanted to share some information with you. I delivered my first son Ian under the exact same circumstances and diagnosis as you, except he only lived for minutes. They wouldn't revive him because I was just shy of 24 weeks. I'm glad you got to spend more time with your sweet boy. I would strongly recommend doing what I did for my second pregnancy and that is having a preventative cerclage placed at 12 weeks. With our situation, the Group B strep gets into the uterus because our cervix is opening/thinning. Even if they aren't sure you have an incompetent cervix, I wouldn't chance leaving it until it's too late. Even with weekly cervical checks, you could get an infection or your cervix can open overnight, and at that point they won't put a cerclage in and you would lose another child. I had the exact same fears, frustrations, and anger that you are experiencing. Hopefully the preventative antibiotics will take care of the other bacteria in your uterus and a cerclage will prevent the Beta Strep (which lives in the vaginal canal and on our bodies) from invading the uterus and causing preterm labor. I had a successful full term pregnancy with my second son Nathan because of the above named procedures. Early cerclages are very safe. Don't let the doctors scare you. Doctors aren't always good at guesstimating what happened prior to the preterm labor. In my case they just assumed I had an incompetent cervix and then the placenta came back with chorioamniotis (sp?) so I didn't want to take any chances the second time around. Don't be afraid of the cerclage. My world reknowned doctor said I had no cervix when he went in there. He placed a stitch and a microfilament tape. It held perfectly, better than a normal woman's cervix. I was never on bedrest and worked until the end. I did have to have the progesterone shots by my husband every week but it was no sweat. When the cerclage was removed at 37 weeks, I didn't go into labor right away, go figure! I had to be induced at 39 weeks. I feel very strongly about this. Antibiotics are necessary as well but the early cerclage is as good as a guarantee. Some doctors don't have a lot of experience with cerclages so make sure you get someone who is familiar with the process. I hope I don't sound pushy but I really had to advocate for myself the second time around and I assure you that I may not have my sweet Nathan with me right now if I hadn't had the procedures done. If you need anything, please email me at Take care. Melanie

  2. Also, once we are diagnosed with Group B Strep, we will always have it in our vagina. Doctors do not need to do more tests for GBS, it is already there and will be there forever unfortunately. Get the antibiotics no matter what. Also, start the progesterone shots the day of your cerclage!

  3. One more thing, I promise. Many many women have Group B strep "up there" and have NO complications because their cervix stays closed. That is why we women who lose our babies at that time frame are almost certainly suffering from incompetent cervix. Whew, sorry I'm so long winded. You WILL have a successful pregnancy. I know it won't be your sweet son but trust me, another child will help your grief. I know exactly what you are going through. *Hug*