Saturday, January 2, 2010

Not baby related

So, I am having a tuff time. Some people pretty close to me are getting divorced and I feel in the middle of's weird.
I found out a lot of stuff about someone I thought I knew. She was so fake and pretended to be something she sooooooo isn't. And I feel bad for him for being left in the dark for so long. Now, no one is without blame in situations like this, it just sucks to feel like you are in the middle of some one's disaster...and the kids are soooo blinded it's not funny, if they only knew what she had done....
We are TTC again and I really don't need this stress...The doc thinks stress contributed a lot to my pre-term labor, although I have never told anyone this before now....after I told him everything that was going on at the time....he told me to de-stress my life to make things easier on the I have tried. And my life is stress free until she pops in and stirs up shit!!! ARRRRGHHHHHH! I just need to scream and let off some steam!
BTW this is the same women who I thought was a friend, tell me this though. If you were my friend, would you have me subpoenaed to court less than 2 weeks after my child DIED?? And I really didn't need to be there! Didn't think so, some friend, right! (see where this stress was coming from!) And people wonder why I have changed!! GEEEEEESH
So here's to living, not surviving and a stress free tomorrow, well technically a stress free later today!! :-)


  1. Here, here! I sure hope you can de-stress your life, you deserve it!


  2. Friends like that really stink :(

  3. Sounds like a toxic relationship and it would be good to cut it out of your life. And even if stress might have played a part in your preterm labor, PLEASE don't blame yourself. It's not your fault. (hugs)

  4. Definitely think you need distance from a friend who doesn't mind adding stress to your life when you're devastated by the loss of your child. Not the kind of friends you need surrounding you right now and I support you in setting very firm and clear boundaries for this woman. (((Hugs)))

  5. One of my best friends randomly decided to leave her husband for someone else-it's SO hard. There's so much pressure to support her and think about yourself at the same time. Do your best to find a balance :)
    Thinking of you!

  6. Hoping that you are able to destress a little. Stress has been my middle name for the last couple of years because of work. I do my best to avoid other peoples' drama, because drama seems to breed a whole different kind of stress. Hope you are able to get it all sorted out without too much drama and trauma!

  7. RED ALERT! I have learned to distance myself from "friends" who bring stress and toxicity to my life. Friends like that you do not need. You need someone, grounded, positive, and in your corner, being subpoenaed? Not a friend. I hope you have the courage to make whatever decision you need to make. We are always here to support you.