Thursday, January 28, 2010


I haven't blogged for a while with reason. I felt like the only time I have blogged is when I am depressed, and I'm not always depressed and I don't want to become that person...the one who only opens her mouth to complain. Don't get me wrong, I am that person, but I am tired of her!!

I had a total meltdown at 1:30am Tuesday, not fun...I was laying in bed and didn't even have the strength to hide from DH this time...then I felt bad for wailing so loud I woke him up....not sure what brought it on...
I am feeling better...went to therapy Wednesday...I really like this guy, he seems to know his stuff and is not a stuffed-shirt I was expecting, not sure why, just was.

I am excited this morning...I should be asleep but I feel like a kid at Christmas. The fertility monitor showed a peak sign this morning! I want to shout it from the roof...not because I am so excited about getting pregnant this month, just happy something isn't wrong with me. After last month, I thought maybe I wasn't ovulating and was completely freaking out, thinking that there was something wrong.
Now, I know there is a good chance it's going to take a couple of months to get pregnant, but that fact that I finally hit that peak sign makes me happy, that is one step forward!!!

I have been wanting to post this stuff for a while, but here are some freebies I have found that might interest you!

The first if for two free touch-ups for your angel baby. This place is awesome! I had it done and love the fact that I now have some pics of Elliot without the tubes and without the bruises, he looks even more perfect than before, if that is possible!
Anyhoo here is the link:

Here are Elliot's before and after pics....




The next thing I want to share is for those of you pregnant with your rainbow, or if you are trying for a rainbow, book mark this site for when you get pregnant. This site lends out dopplers to high risk women and/or women that have miscarried or have a stillborn or neonatal death. FOR FREE! Your doc has to write you a script, but I am hoping your doc is sensitive enough to do this for you!
Here is the link:

And lastly,, is offering coupons from Canvas on Demand. It's a $60.00 coupon, you only pay like $14.00 for shipping, and it is awesome! I got mine over the weekend and I LOVE IT!! It's perfect!

I hope you find this useful!


  1. Those retouched photos came out AMAZING!

  2. Thanks for sharing those links!

  3. Little Elliot is truly an angel.

    Thanks for the link.

  4. Angel picts do an amazing job! I had Kasey's done too. Thank you for sharing the links and glad that "nothing is wrong with you" too!! Thinking of you and hoping that your month is very very soon!!


  5. I sent a pic thru that site and I thought they never did it so I went and logged in and it was there! I didn't know they completed it! Thank you for posting the site so that I could get my photo! I will have to post it soon. :)

    I def plan on getting the doppler.

    And that's awesome that you are indeed ovulating!

  6. Those pictures are just beautiful!. I am going to get Aiden and Sophie's done, too, hopefully.

    And woohoo for peak signs!

  7. Glad to see ya back and blogging! Elliots photos look amazing! Thanks for sharing these!

  8. Hey I just ordered that same monitor. Email me because I have a few questions. :)