Monday, January 4, 2010

The cost of being pregnant....

I know I shouldn't complain, but I went to buy more sticks for the fertility monitor and after having been to 4 different places, I finally found them and "OUCH" said my wallet. I am so excited to pee on this damn stick every morning and I would have bought them no matter how much they cost, but why does it seem that those who are the most desperate have to pay more for EVERYTHING. And at this point I am desperate to get pregnant again...And fertility drugs or monitor to help you get pregnant in the first place is just ridiculously expensive...Weight Loss products, expensive....finding a mate on the Internet, I have heard is expensive...WHY?
Simple, they know we are desperate and willing to do WHATEVER it takes to get the result we want, no matter what it might be....
On another note, I went to a local pharmacy to have Elliot's retouched pictures printed out...that's another post....and when I was checking out, the lady was counting my pictures and said very sarcastically, "oh, how cute." Mind you sarcasm was just dripping from her mouth as she uttered those words. I was about ready to reach across the counter and strangle her with her own friggin vest. I was also waiting for her to ask me one of "those" usual questions...luckily she didn't and I left the store on my own accord, not in hand-cuffs....
So I am waiting for the friggin' peek sign to show up on this monitor, I am wondering if it will work, for some reason my luck is the pits. And for some reason, I feel this has nothing to do with timing, science, want or will, but rather luck. And luck is something I have never had much of, so with that, I am keeping everything crossed and hoping for the best!
I also wanted to thank all of my blog friends. Your friendship, comments and your own personal blogs mean so much to me. I shutter to think of where I would be on this journey without all of your love and support and for that I am most grateful!


  1. Gaaaaah. I want to strangle that clerk for you!!!! Honestly. I don't know how you didn't say something to her - you're a bigger person than I because I'd have no doubt started to cry and told her what the photos were. I'm sorry those sticks are so expensive and you're so right - everything that we need desperately seems so inflated. I chart my cycles, which is cheaper (charts for a year are about $6, I got software for charting that is mmmm $35 I think??? - it's a bit more complicated than the stick thing I guess....) - if you're interested at all my friend Ellie is a teacher on sympto-thermal. You can use it to achieve or avoid pregnancy. No pressure - just might be something you'd like to consider. Till then, thinking of you and hoping for you as you TTC. xo

  2. if you run out search the internet, I got 15 of them for .85 cents I piece (somewhere around that price), they aren't sticks they are strips, but do the same job. Charting my cycles didn't work-they rely strictly on your temp... just a thought... Sending you lots of baby dust! Thinking of you!!


  3. I'd phone the manager of that store or write a strongly worded letter about that clerk's unacceptable comments. She should be made to kiss your ass to keep her job. People are unfriggin' believable sometimes. On another note, good luck with the fertility monitor, I've never used one but I did get pregnant with my twins on one dose of 50mg Clomid. Sending you babydust....Hugs

  4. I am hoping that you get a BFP soon!

  5. I don't know if I can send babydust since I don't have any and I've been begging everyone for some. I hope 2010 is kinder to you and hubby.


  6. Ooooo can I strangle her for you!?! Grrrr